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why does my cat follow me

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [Figuring Out Clingy Felines]

As much as we love our cats, they can sometimes be a little too clingy. You may find your cat always walking between your legs or chasing you from room to room, acting as your own little shadow. And it may have gotten to the point where you ask out loud, “Why does my cat follow me everywhere?”


More often than not, the reason your cat is following you is for something harmless. Sometimes cats need a little bit of attention, want a snack, to play, or spend time with us. Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why your cat always follows you and how to prevent this behavior.


Why Do Cats Follow Their Owners?

There are a handful of potential reasons for your feline friend to follow you around the house. Cats aren’t as vocal about their needs as dogs are, so they can be a bit more difficult to figure out. But despite their lack of communication, cats are relatively easy to predict.


Cats are prone to having a routine and have a specific way of doing everything. They like having a sense of familiarity, so when this routine is disturbed, they will try to find a way to let you know. Generally, the main reason why your cat is following you is for attention, food, or to check up on you.


cat demanding attention


Is It Normal For Cats to Follow Their Owners?

Cats following their owners around is generally normal behavior. Cats have distinct personalities and expresses themselves uniquely, but following is a common sign that they want your attention.


Certain cat breeds tend to cling onto their owners more than others, such as the Siamese or the Sphynx. However, if your cat becomes too clingy and you notice that they rarely leave your side, there could be a more serious issue.


Why Is My Cat So Clingy – Normal vs. Abnormal Shadowing

There is a difference between a cat that comes around and greets you every once in a while to a cat that never leaves your side. If you find that your cat is always by your side and has become your little shadow, there could be a reason for concern.


When your cat becomes too clingy, there are a few signs you may notice:


  • Constantly following you around and getting in the way of activities (cooking, folding laundry, working on the computer).
  • They meow nonstop when walking behind you.
  • When a door is closed, your cat scratches at your door obsessively to let them in the room.
  • Your cat walks so close to you that it’s impossible to walk around them without tripping.
  • Your cat will exhibit destructive behavior such as scratching up the furniture, ripping up their toys, and knocking things over.


Although every cat has a different personality, these are some common ways that your cat may demonstrate that they need attention from you.


Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

There are a few specific reasons as to why your cat might follow you around. Usually, this behavior is nothing to worry about and there is typically a simple solution, but other instances can be nuanced.


kitten by window



“Curiosity killed the cat” is a saying for a reason. Cats are naturally curious creatures and tend to stick their noses in other people’s business. They love knowing what you’re doing every single moment, even when you are in the bathroom. You can be doing the most mundane tasks, and your cat will still find it entertaining to be next to you.


Usually, your cat following you isn’t enough. Cats love to be a part of the action. Your cat will jump up on the counter to see what you’re cooking, sit on your lap while working on the computer, or place themselves on top of your laundry while you are trying to fold clothes. No matter what you are doing, if your cat follows you around, they could simply be asking, “Whatcha doing?”



Cats are typically very independent pets and do well being alone day. However, they too have their moments when they need some love and attention from their owner. If you know that your cat usually enjoys being alone, it can be surprising when your cat follows you, begging for attention.


If you leave for work and your cat is by themselves for most of the day, they will sometimes have moments yearning for your company. You might come home one day, and your cat follows you everywhere, scratching at your legs and wanting to cuddle.


Fear and Anxiety

Similar to needing attention, cats can also experience separation anxiety. Some cats may not like being left alone because there’s a dog at home, or they may have had a traumatic experience being by themselves or feel vulnerable or scared when you aren’t around.


These are all natural behaviors for your cat. Studies have shown that cats form intense attachments to their owners, similar to a baby. So when you are not around, the fear and anxiety kick in, and all their worries start to surface.


Your Cat is Hungry

You may have had a moment where you take one step in the kitchen, and your cat is instantly by your side trying to tell you something. Most likely, your cat is probably saying that they are hungry and want a snack. Especially if your cat knows where you hide the snacks, you may find your cat following you, trying to herd you in the direction to where the stash is located. And in extreme cases, your cat may jump up on the counters to get at eye level with you and vocally tell you that it’s time for them to eat.


woman giving cat treats



If you haven’t noticed it before, cats love having a routine and typically follow it religiously. A cat’s routine may consist of taking a walk around the living room, staring out the window in the morning, or following you. Cats rarely break their routines, and once they get in the habit of doing something, they will do it for a while. And sometimes, your cat following you is a part of their everyday routine.


How Do You Stop a Clingy Cat From Following You Around?

Depending on what your cat is asking for and the reason your cat follows you everywhere, there are several ways you can stop this behavior.


Find Ways to Entertain Your Cat

If your cat is naturally curious and always checking in on what you’re doing, try giving them more toys to occupy them. Sometimes your cat might not feel stimulated enough hanging out around the house and may want a bit more excitement. So try to find a few toys that can spark their interest and keep them entertained while you are busy finishing chores or cooking.


Another great way to keep your cat busy is by installing a cat tree or cat shelves in your home. Instead of having your cat follow you everywhere, they can hang out on their tree and watch all the action from there.


Schedule Quality Time With Your Cat

If your cat is clingy because they need some attention, set some time aside every day to show your cat some love. Cats enjoy having a routine, so schedule some quality time with them to show how much you care.


Try Some CBD

In many instances, when your cat is clingy, they may feel scared or anxious for some reason. They can demonstrate these emotions by constantly meowing, shaking, or following you around the house. When you notice this behavior, one thing that can help calm your cat down is CBD.


CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to bring them a handful of benefits to their body and mind. Items such as CBD Cat Treats and CBD Oil can soothe your cat’s racing mind and promote relaxation. CBD treats can be an excellent way to keep your cat emotionally happy and their tummy full.


At Healthy Petables, all our CBD products are created with 100% natural ingredients to bring your cat the best experience. There is no THC in our products, so your cat won’t feel any “high” or intoxicating effects.


Should I Go To The Vet For a Clingy Cat?

You should bring your cat to the vet if the following persists after many attempts at solving the issue. Your cat may be more distressed, upset, nervous, or fearful than you can imagine and may need some medical attention. Your vet can provide advice on different treatment plans and medication if needed.


Final Thoughts – Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Rest assured that you are not the only cat owner asking, “Why does my cat follow me everywhere?” This behavior is completely natural and occurs more often than not. A cat follows their owner for many different reasons, most commonly because they want to spend time with you.


Although your cat following you can be a disturbance from time to time, know that plenty of solutions are available to ease a clingy cat, such as CBD Treats!