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Dog No Appetite

Dog No Appetite

I have a Beagle rescue from a kill shelter in Ohio (I live in northern CA) that I’ve named Jesse Cook (a guitarist I like and it sounds British). Four years old now. He loves to bark/howl/bay at most anything outside our home windows. And as a Beagle he’s big into Scent Safaris, which are walks we take him on just so he can sniff absolutely everything in the bushes and along the trails.

Jesse is very bright eyed, as most people notice, very smart and like most Beagles can be a kind of smart-ass and stubborn as a mule.

My Beagle Suddenly Lost His Appetite – Very Worrying

So, when he lost his appetite, I and my partner were very worried. He normally eats with true relish, wagging his Beagle tail in delight, chomping on the high quality crunch rabbit nuggets we feed him twice a day, looking up at me in pleasure and gratitude. I’m his feeder, or caterer as I tell Jesse when I’m talking to him.

So, when Jesse started turning up his nose at his food which he normally attacks, that was a showstopper. You know the feeling if your dog or cat suddenly loses their appetite. My partner and I used to have a cat as well, who in her old age went through a stage of not wanting to eat with great gusto her wet food.

The Trip to the Vet to Determine What to Do

The first thing I did was take Jesse to my local vet, whom we know very well, and they all love Jesse the Beagle down there. The vet, a very experienced woman, did a check and took some tests but couldn’t put her finger on the specific cause.

So, it was an unidentified cause for his loss of appetite. So what do you do with that? Try other foods that may appeal and just wait and see? That’s hard, as all of you know – when you can’t do something that remedies the situation with sure footedness.

Vet Recommends CBD Oil Specific For Dogs

Thankfully, my vet recommended that I try CBD oil formulated for dogs. This was several years ago, and it was my first introduction to CBD for pets. She said I could buy it online, and it would be dosed for the dog – my first question was on dosage.

I got the CBD oil for dogs in the mail, and took it in and Jesse came over to sniff the bottle. He likes to sniff everything coming into the house. So, the bottle passed the sniff test, and he showed interest in it, which was nice to see as he was going through a period of listlessness.

I then used the dropper to suck up and squirt the right amount of CBD oil for his weight (and he’s a lean machine) and squirted it on his regular rabbit crunchies.

My Beagle Eats His Crunchies with CBD Hemp Oil

The bowl went down and he sniffed at it, and actually took a crunchy in his mouth and brought it over to nearby hallway carpet, and slowly chewed it down. This was a very good, welcome sign, as he hadn’t been interested in food for several days now. Jesse went back to his dog bowl and took out a couple of more crunchies, took him over the carpet and crunched away. No tail wagging, but he was eating. Then he took a few more, then stopped, but he seemed better.

That was in the evening. The next day he ate quite a bit of his morning meal, and we continued dispensing the CBD oil on his crunchies for 2 more days. He was then back to normal. Note: that if he hadn’t eaten the crunchies, I would have administered the CBD oil with the dropper directly into his mouth.

CBD Oil for Pets and The Appetite System – Also No “High”

CBD oil from hemp has no THC, the compound of cannabis marijuana that provides a high. So, the CBD oil was not making Jesse high, and I wouldn’t have used it if it did. The molecular and transmittal mechanisms for CBD and its work with appetite stimulation and normalcy (and other digestive issues) is not well understood. It has been studied, and it’s been shown to work in studies and pet owners swear by it, but the actual way it does this is relatively unknown.

The cannabadiols (CBD is an abbreviation of this) of the hemp plant work with several core systems of dogs or cats that control and provided feedback for a whole raft of biochemical, hormonal, blood, lymph, nerve and tissue conditions.

George Aguilar

George Aguilar

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