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The Explosive Rise Of All Natural In Pet Health Products

The Explosive Rise of All Natural in Pet Health Products

Over the past few years organic and all natural ingredients in our dog or cat foods has exploded in popularity. The old Purina bags of chunky dog nuggets and Gravy Train are out, and in are the many organic, all natural, no-filler brands of pet foods competing in television commercials and on shelves in grocery stores or pet stores.

This is only natural as the organic food popularity for humans turned into such a marketing fireball that even Walmart joined the organic gang for human and pet foods.

The Quantum Shift in Pet Foods to Organic and All Natural Traditions and Science

Organic and all natural makes sense, both common and scientific, as we’ve evolved into a more save-our-planet awareness (organic and natural is perfect for the environment cycle whereas crop and pesticide chemicals destroy the environment including much collateral damage). Our health knowledge evolved to understanding, accepting and practicing organic and natural in our diet to a large degree. We are healthier because of it, with reduced illness possibilities and a longer life span.

Of course, that’s what we want in our pets: the best health possible, reduced illness situations and the longest life span attainable for our dogs or cats.

Pet foods are now loaded up with healthy grains like rice or oats (or are grain-free), vegetables and antioxidant fruits, along with healthy meats.

Fork in the Road For Us and Our Pets: Meds or Alternative Treatments

When our pets become sick or disabled, we are at a fork in the road: do we go for meds from big pharm companies, or do we try natural approaches from nature’s bounty? For some things, there’s no choice. Our dogs have to have their shots. There is no natural substitute for that. Or for heartworm, we get a collar our dog wears for 6 months or so. All well and good.

But now that CBD products for dogs and cats are a mature product line, and have been proven to be so effective in a wide array of sicknesses, disabilities or dysfunctions, then we really have a viable option of going for a natural remedy.

CBD is At The Top of the List of All Natural, Super Potent Remedies for Dogs and Cats

CBD (the abbreviation for cannabidiols) is 100% natural. It comes right out of the hemp plant, a naturally occurring compound of the hemp biology. It is a major part of nature’s healing bounty. The way our CBD is extracted from the hemp (highest quality by the way, and organically grown in itself) is all natural. So, the hemp is organic, the extraction is natural and the final compound is all natural.

Our Healthy Petables CBD products ingredients are all natural and organic. In fact, they are vegan. There’s no reason for meat or dairy products in these health helping products. The meat or dairy does not add to the healing process of the CBD and accompany herb or seed powder ingredients in our products.

The Very Efficacious Ingredients in our Healthy Petables’ CBD Dog Treats

Here are the ingredients in our dog treats:

L-Theanine – Decreases anxiety. promotes stress relief and relaxation.

Chamomile – Calms stress. Reduces nervousness, anxiety & fear.

Hemp Seed Powder – Helps reduce anxiety. Extremely high nutritional value.

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) – May promote overall wellness.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Peanut Butter, Organic applesauce, Brown Rice Flour, Molasses, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil