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What’s Great About Healthy Petable’s Cat & Dog CBD Treats, Oil & Capsules

  1. Nutritionally sound, high-quality ingredientsHealthy Petables CBD Cat & Dog Foods are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free.  Our treats are also non-GMO and frequently tested & screened for contamination from pesticides and leftover solvents.
  2. Easy to understand dosing.  The Dosing guide makes it easy to figure out how many to give my pets, despite their different age and weight.
  3. Cat & Dog approved taste and crunch “Both three of my pets, happily enjoyed the snacks and bugged me for more for the rest of the day. When I found all my pets attempting to get into the kitchen cabinet where I had hidden the leftover Healthy Petables Cat Treats, I packed them in an airtight jar and transferred them to a high shelf in the lobby closet.” 
  4. Therapeutic effects. Healthy Petables Cat and Dog Treats seem to have a calming effect on all my animals, but it was most apparent with the youngest, most energetic, and “jumpiest.” He’s suffered from mild anxiety of separation in the past, so I’ve started to use these CBD  treats as a way to alleviate that.
Read some of our 32 testimonials!

Suffered from seizures

My precious Paprika has suffered from seizures since she was 6 months old. I have tried another medication and it made my pet comatose with seizure symptoms still. I researched that marijuana helps with seizures but didn’t want to get my pet high every day, and that’s when I discovered CBD. It has the same health benefits without the Psychoactive effects. You guys have really helped me with this. I don’t even know what I’d do without this product in my life. Thank you so much.
Jesus D.

Suffering from seizures

Hi, I’m Maria and my dog has been suffering from seizers for about 3 years (Glomerular disease). She has on average about 3 seizures a day (3 too many). My vet actually recommended CBD a long time ago but I couldn’t find it in my state.. So after a few months of research and educating myself I finally ordered tinctures, treats and some capsules. It has only been 2 weeks and I already see a difference. Her seizers are down to 1 or none a day and she seems a lot more alert. This stuff really works! Thanks HealthyPetables!!
Maria M.

The itching stopped

My dog had extremely dry skin(itching non stop) to the point that it was driving me absolutely crazy. Finally I found a answer to my freaking prayers! I started off with (3) 5mg treats a day and noticed a huge difference after 1 week. The itching has stopped Hallelujah! She looks good now, no more redness or flakiness. Happy customer, will continue to buy. Thank you HealthyPetables.
Mario R.

CBD definitely helped

Jamie Testimony
My frenchy had very dry skin from allergies. I realized it was abnormal how much he was itching. I tried different medicines and none of them seemed to work. That’s when I discovered your product. I started out feeding her 3 5mg treats a day. Low and behold the itching has stopped. She is a completely different dog now, happy, no longer itching, and much more healthier. I don’t know what kind of allergies these were but CBD definitely helped.
Jamie Trostle

Really helped the pain with her

Grace testimony
My dog Dbo is 13 years old and has been suffering from some MAJOR back pain, so bad I thought I would have to put him down. I was desperate for a solution and searched and searched and searched. I finally came across CBD and stumbled across Healthy Petables. They were very helpful with my questions and tentative to my needs. I placed my order about a year ago and it has really helped the pain with her. I am extremely satisfied with HealthyPetables! THANK YOU!!! (P.S Get the Peanut butter and apple CBD Dog Treat, Dbo Loves them!)
Grace McKinley

Noticeable difference

Stephen testimony

I have been using Healthypetables CBD treats to treat chemo for my dog. I have educated myself that CBD has the same effects in humans as it does in animals. Pets are born with the same system that humans are born with so Cannabidiol (CBD) and all other cannabinoids have the same results when treating the pain and inflammation caused from chemo. It seems to help a noticeable difference. Thank you.

Stephen Hamilton

A lot less stressed

My dog Mocha has suffered from extreme anxiety when around other animals or humans. She would constantly bark at people as they came around her and eventually she just wanted to hide away from others because of being so anxious. One of my friends actually recommended trying CBD oil on her. I found HealthyPetables online and placed an order. It instantly helped her with being less anxious and coming around others. She has definitely seemed a lot less stressed.

Simona B.

Completely stopped my cat’s seizures

Ana testimony
Your product has completely stopped my cat’s seizures. He was having them almost once a day. I actually found a local vendor that carried your product and I got the 30ml bottle w/1000mg from a local seller for 100$. My cat doesn’t mind the dropper. Your product solved this problem that I thought the worst for my companion.
Ana Tapia

A huge difference in Scooter’s mobility

Bradley testimony
My little Scooter got hit by a car last year and had to have multiple surgeries for his broken leg and femur. Ever since then he has seemed very achy, and his mobility has declined. We asked our Vet what we can do and that’s when he recommended CBD. We have been buying the 5mg dog treats for the last month and we see a huge difference on Scooter’s mobility. He loves them too. You guys got a really great thing going here!
Bradley Shaw

Struggled moving around

My poor fat cat is getting old! He is a 10 year old inside cat, and has been babied most of his life. Lately he has struggled moving around and I don’t want to see this continue to happen. I have medication I was prescribed by the vet but honestly I just don’t like how it makes my cat act. So I decided to try CBD and was very happy with the results. Since I started medicating my cat with the 2mg cat treats, not only does he enjoy it but it has really helped him with his issue. Will continue to buy from HealthyPetables!
Laura G.

Much more active

I have been giving my dog Butch HealthyPetables capsules for a month. Me and my wife both notice how much more active my dog is. He is now in the bracket of OLD (10 years). And knew it was time to do something to help my baby. We tried the product with an open mind hearing how many health benefits it has. Very Happy Customer, strongly recommend.
Brett N.

HUGE tumor in his abdomen

Amanda testimony
Last year we discovered our dog had a huge tumor in his abdomen and it was stretching to his rib cage. We knew most likely this could be cancer. Since we started giving Bruno the CBD medication back in July the affliction has been dwindling. I am so thankful to find a product and a company like this. You guys have truly been a blessing. This tumor is practically GONE. God bless you guys. Thank you once again.
Amanda E.

Such a great improvement to his health

Our angel Romeo is getting old and hasn’t been feeling himself lately. My Cousin bought him your CBD 5mg Doggy treats for her health. I wanted to try your product keeping an open mind. Honestly, Romeo can’t get enough of your treats, we use them as a reward. I have seen such a great improvement to his health. He is moving a lot more now and I notice a substantial improvement. Before he would lay around all day, no longer bark or run to the door when someone is there and now he is moving just like he used to.
Vanessa Ramirez

Suffers from anxiety

I have a Chihuaha named Tila. She is a rescue dog and suffers from anxiety. She’s scared of anything and everything. I tried a number of different things to try calming her and nothing seemed to work. A friend of mine recommended CBD and explained how it helped her dog. She really enjoys the 5mg Green Apple & Peanut Butter Dog treats. Highly recommend to anyone with this same issue.

Tiffany Besset

Back to his fun playful self

My pet was scratching, biting, and licking so bad that I had to take him to the vet. He was developing a rash that was covering most of his body. The Vet said it was a allergic reaction but didn’t know from what exactly. I started giving my dog your CBD Pet capsules every today with a more open mind approach and it has helped my dog tremendously. He no longer has a rash, no more itching every second and he is back to his fun playful self.

Kevin He

No more bleeding and constant scratching

Janice testimony
My dog is has extreme allergies. He scratches to the point where he was bleeding in his lower stomach area. I’ve been using HealthyPetables for 2 months now and I am quite pleased with the results. He still itches time to time, but no more bleeding and constant scratching. I will continue to be a happy customer 😊 .

Inflammation and swelling go down

Hello! Just wanna say this stuff really helped my dog’s inflammation and swelling go down. She just got released from the vet and they said she had swelling from her joints because she has been a very active dog all of her life but is now aging and getting old her mobility has started to slow. I would recommend HealthyPetables to anyone who wants the best for their pet.


Really helped with my dog’s allergies. She was sneezing all the time and then all of a sudden she started itching all the time. That’s when I knew I had to do something about it. I tried a few different things and did some research which lead me to this awesome site. I use the 15mg capsules. No more allergies!

Brenda Lewis

Doesn’t act so tense or hyper

I started using your product because my kitten would act really skittish at times and I didn’t know what else to give her. I didn’t take her to the vet or anything but I read a up on CBD usage on pets and have heard so many great things that I thought I would try. I really noticed a difference in the way she acted within the first week of giving her the treats. Now she doesn’t act so tense and hyper.


These dog treats were a game changer!

We have been giving our dog Bailey HealthyPetable capsules for over a month now. We see a difference in how active she is. She has been getting older (almost turning 10yrs) and she has stopped playing frisbee or fetch, she wouldn’t even walk up the stairs to our second story and I just couldn’t tell what it was so I took her to the vet just to find out that she was just getting old.. That’s when my vet recommended HealthyPetables and have been giving the pills to her ever since and it has def helped a lot I can vouch for this product!

Becky Harris

My dog has severe arthritis

joe testimony

My dog Stacy has been showing signs of arthritis and joint pain over the last 6 months. We took her to the local vet and she was so tensed up that I thought something was wrong like a broken bone or strain in her shoulders because they were really out of place. The vet informed me that it was just really bad arthritis and gave me some joint anti-inflammatory meds that we used and they seemed to help but they were way too expensive and didn’t rid of the arthritis completely. I researched online about HeathlyPetables and gave it a try. I’ve been feeding my girl only about 1-2 treats a day and it is much more affordable then the prescription drugs from my vet. Seems to work better too so I’m a happy dad!

Joe Garcia

Scratch and bite until she was going bald

Every time around spring the grass always got longer and eventually my poor little Snowball would get a flea bite. The flea bite would turn into itching and scratching of skin. I felt so bad for my poor dog because she would itch and scratch and bite until she was going bald where her flea bite was. I would take her to the veterinarian office and they told me to give her Benadryl as she was having an allergic reaction. I didn’t really want to give my dog Benadryl or any kind of medicinal shots for that matter. I looked into finding something more natural for her and the next time she got a flea bite and got a rash I tried HealthyPetables treats. It didn’t take very long for them to work and I really noticed a difference. My little yorkie was not gnawing at her flea bite any longer. I really feel that healthypeatables treats helped a lot!

Regina Meyers

More energy

I’ve had my dog Sofi for over 10 years and the older she gets she wasn’t as energetic as she used to be years ago. She gets so excited for the Healthypetables treats so I know that they taste good to her. Peanut butter has been her favorite. I have definitely also noticed that her coat is a lot better and she has more energy for when we decide to take walks during the day. It feels great to have my companion back!
Paige L.

Helped to relax and calm nerves

Maggie testimony
Mochie is my sweet little cat who is 12 years old. I tried the CBD oil for the first time with him by just adding a couple drops to his food once a day and it really helped him since he had weak knees and his bones tended to be a little achey from time to time. You could tell that the oil really helped him to relax and calm his nerves. I would definitely recommend Healthypetables CBD oils to anyone who furry best friends are getting up their in age. Thank you again.
Maggie B.

Chase birds at the beach

Mike testimony
I really noticed a difference once I started using Halthypetables within 48 hours (4 doses) in my dog Charlie. He would get really bad pain in his legs and also his back from arthritis. You could tell he was in so much pain before adding CBD to his diet. I am so happy that my dog Charlie is able to actually run around again and chase birds at the beach and take longer walks. I am forever grateful for Healthypetables CBD oil because its really changed my Charlie’s life for the best!
Mike L.

Energy is back!

This CBD oil is great! I researched this product and thought this would be great for my shitzu. He has arthritis in his hips and is 13 years old. I have been using this oil on him for almost two and half weeks now and I really feel that it has made a significant difference, especially in the way he walks and moves. He was having a difficult time even getting to the door to go outside. He has more energy now and has put on a few healthy pounds which he definitely needed. He seems to have more flare in him and to be in less pain.

Mike Delgado

A lot more mellow

One of my cats can be a little crazy and I have tried giving her anything and everything before I even heard about CBD for pets. I didn’t want to give her away so I really wanted to find something to help her since not even Prozac or Feliway did. I tried both and they literally made her not act her normal self. After two and half weeks of adding a couple of drops to her food during the day I honestly noticed a huge difference in behavior. She wasn’t as chaotic as she used to be and temperament seemed a lot more mellow. Love, love, love that I am able to keep my crazy cat!
Priscilla R.

Joints were in need of help

Shadow is a giant schnauzer and having a dog like this you know that arthritis will come but we didn’t expect it at 9 years old. He has always been very playful, like a giant puppy. The last year it takes him a while to get up poor thing and I noticed his joints were in need of help. We took him to the vet and that’s when he recommended CBD for inflammation and arthritis. We did our research and found ourselves on HealthyPetables . We have been with HealthyPetables for the last 6 months and since we started using there product Shadow is like a big giant puppy again! We are going to continue to use HealthyPetables. Thank you!
Alex Ruiz

A lot more relax

My dog Whopper and I would travel back and forth from San Antonio TX to California and he hated traveling by plane. It always seemed to be a nightmare for my little guy and I just wanted to make the trip as pleasant as possible for my little fur baby. I decided to try Healthypetables treats and would give Whopper a few treats a week prior every day until our next plane ride. He seemed to be a lot more relaxed and it gave me less anxiety as well knowing that he could relax on the plane rides instead of whimpering or being so anxious. You have truly been such a blessing to my little Whopper’s life and made the plane rides a lot easier. Thank you Healthypetables.

Chris S.

Alleviate some of the pain

Simon jumped off the bed one day and broke his legs. I was devastated.  After several surgeries and prayers he finally made it out ok and eventually was able to walk again. I could tell Simon was in a lot of pain during the healing process and the vet actually recommended me adding CBD oil to Simons food so that we could alleviate some of the pain. I know that the Healthypetables has helped Simon’s life a great deal and helped get him though through the painful moments.He has seemed to be more at ease and relaxed. I would highly recommend this for any pet who has pain. It helped a lot and we continue to use it through his healing process.
Jonah G.

Back to her old self

Marci testimony

I bought Bella from a pet store in the mall in 2011, since then she has been my little angel. Over the years, I noticed that she has been suffering from arthritis. Her mobility has slowly been deteriorating and no longer moves around like she used too. A few months ago a friend recommended me to try CBD and she found a company that worked for her (Healthypetables). I did some research and finally placed an order back in March. Since then she has became a completely different dog. Back to her old self. She runs to the door when there is a visitor. Runs outside when we go out. It’s incredible! Definitely recommend CBD, and HealthyPetables as a vendor for any person that suffers from this same problem 😊

Marci Wells

Skin condition completely healed

Heyya. Name is John. I have an 11 year old Rottweiler named Piko. He has been diagnosed with dermatitis about a year ago. Since then I have tried to help him with his health. He was prescribed a few different medicines and none of them seemed to work. I have heard a lot over the years how CBD helps pets in many different ways. So after a few months research I did my homework and found myself buying with HealthyPetables. Piko has been on the cbd diet for about 3 months now and his skin condition is completely HEALED!!! I am a firm believer for this product and a customer for LIFE! 5STARS!!!! 😊
John K.


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