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Scratch and bite until she was going bald

Every time around spring the grass always got longer and eventually my poor little Snowball would get a flea bite. The flea bite would turn into itching and scratching of skin. I felt so bad for my poor dog because she would itch and scratch and bite until she was going bald where her flea bite was. I would take her to the veterinarian office and they told me to give her Benadryl as she was having an allergic reaction. I didn’t really want to give my dog Benadryl or any kind of medicinal shots for that matter. I looked into finding something more natural for her and the next time she got a flea bite and got a rash I tried HealthyPetables treats. It didn’t take very long for them to work and I really noticed a difference. My little yorkie was not gnawing at her flea bite any longer. I really feel that healthypeatables treats helped a lot!


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