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Soft Cat Treats [Make Your Feline Happy With Tender Morsels]

Cat treats are a great way to reward your cat, teach them tricks, and can even be part of a well-balanced diet. But how do you know which type of treats are best for your cat? That all depends on your cat’s preferences and wellness needs! Often, cat owners turn to soft cat treats for their furry friends since they are easy to chew, have an abundance of health benefits and can be quite tasty!

But if you want to give your cat chewy cat treats, how do you pick from the hundreds of options online? If you’re struggling to find the perfect treat for your cat, we’re here to help. Here is everything you need to know about chewy cat treats, from ingredients to avoid to brands you can trust.


Why Do Cats Love Treats?

Okay, quick! Pick one: Steamed broccoli or a chocolate chip cookie?

Just like us, cats like things that taste good. Unlike their daily meals, which contain essential nutrients and healthy ingredients, treats are often focused on being delicious rather than nutritious. A lot of treats have exciting meaty flavors and scents, as well as an abundance of carbs that make cats feel hungrier.

Some crunchy treats even have flavor enhancers, which cats can become addicted to. You’ll often notice “addictive tendencies” in response to treats, like your cat excitedly running over and meowing obsessively any time you’re in the area where you keep the treats.

calico cat eating soft treat


What Kind of Treats Do Cats Like?

The simple answer is that cats like any treat that tastes good!

Crunchy cat treats, like dental treats, have a very strong flavor and satisfying texture. Chewy cat treats often have a strong smell. There are also treat tubes with similar ingredients to canned cat food, providing a very meaty wet food for cats to lick up.

Cat treats also come in a variety of flavors, from chicken and tuna to beef and lamb. Many treats have artificial flavors sprayed onto them, which are a lot more intense than the natural flavors in their cat food. It’s hard for cats to resist!


Are Soft Cat Treats Better Than Hard Cat Treats?

The cat treats your kitty likes all comes down to personal preference. Some cats enjoy crunching down on a hard treat, while others like a soft, chewy cat treat. Some even prefer licking treats.

Most cats are very picky and will make it clear if they prefer a certain flavor, shape, size, or texture. I thought my cat, Simba, would eat just about anything. But I offered him crunchy cat treats one time, and he didn’t even bother trying them, most likely underwhelmed by their scent.


What Are the Benefits of Giving My Cat Soft Treats?

While cat treat type comes down to personal preference, there may be some reasons that you prefer to give your cat soft treats.

Soft cat treats are great for cats with dental issues. Cats experiencing pain in their mouth will often find it difficult to crunch down on hard food and treats, making soft treats a safe and satisfying alternative.

Older cats often benefit from soft treats over crunchy treats as well. Chewy cat treats are easier to digest, which is great for senior cats and other kitties with sensitive stomachs.

Some soft treats are also healthier than crunchy treats. For example, some soft treats have similar ingredients to canned cat food, which means fewer carbohydrates and more water. The carbs in dry cat food can make your cat overweight if given too often.


What To Look For When Buying Soft Cat Treats

Looking for the perfect treats for your four-pawed companion? Here is what to consider when buying soft cat treats:


Cats can be very picky and may prefer certain flavors over others. The same goes for texture and shape. You’ll notice that your cat likes some treats more than others due to these factors.

Natural Ingredients

Since treats can lead to addiction and obesity, it’s very important to make sure they not only taste good but are full of good ingredients. You always want to look for high-quality, natural ingredients. The first ingredient to look for is a protein source, which should be listed first.

Health Benefits

Cat treats may be a tasty snack, but they can also have health benefits! Look for cat treats that improve your cat’s overall well-being. This includes dental cat treats, which help with oral health by controlling tartar and plaque. You can also find treats focused on hairball control, weight management, and even litter box odor.

Avoid Carbs and Sugars

A lot of cat treats are addicting because they have so many carbohydrates and sugars. But this can lead to obesity and heart problems. Always look for cat treats that are focused on meat and natural ingredients, avoiding ones that boast “meal” instead of a true protein source.

two felines waiting for morsels


How To Find Bad Ingredients In Soft Cat Treats

Soft and chewy cat treats aren’t all about being tasty. You want to make sure that the treats are healthy and safe for your kitty, including ingredients like natural chicken flavor over chicken meal. But how can you tell? Luckily it’s very easy!

Cat food and treat manufacturers are required to include the ingredients on the label. So the first step is to read through the ingredients and look for these red flags:

  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Brewers yeast and rice
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Meat by-products and meat and bone meal
  • Animal digest
  • Poultry fat, by-products, and meal
  • Fish oil
  • Salt
  • Cellulose
  • Colors (yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 2, red 3, red 40)
  • BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin (chemical preservatives)

The Association of American Feed Control Officials and the FDA have put these regulations in place to keep your cat safe and keep companies honest. They warn cat owners to never trust gimmicks.

Also, remember that ingredients are listed by weight, meaning the most prominent ingredient is always first. Your feline friend should only eat treats with protein as the first ingredient on the list, meaning it has a natural flavor and be considered a balanced part of your cat’s diet if given in small doses.


Where Can I Find the Best Soft Cat Treats?

You’re in the right place for healthy, natural chewy cat treats!

Healthy Petables Calming Cat Chews boast a delicious natural salmon flavor and organic ingredients that are beneficial to your cat. This includes taurine, an essential amino acid that boosts your cat’s digestion, and CBD, a natural compound found in the hemp plant that comforts and soothes your cat.

Calming Chews are easy to chew and digest for most cats. They are also delicious thanks to their natural flavoring. You won’t find any genetically modified or artificial ingredients in Healthy Petable’s Calming Cat Chews.

CBD won’t make your cat high or experience euphoric sensations. This compound interacts with your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates their body’s functions like sleep, mood, appetite, and discomfort. When CBD is introduced into your cat’s system, it can help with their inner balance.

Here are the common benefits of Healthy Petable’s CBD Calming Chews:

  • Improved Mood: Cats can often feel stress from change or unknown situations, like car rides, vet visits, fireworks, and strangers in the home. CBD can have a natural calming effect on your cat, improving their mood and behavior.
  • Promotes Appetite and Sleep: CBD can help soothe your cat, reducing restlessness and anxiousness at night. CBD can also reduce the side effects of an upset stomach, stimulating their normal appetite.
  • Skin and Fur Health: If your cat has dandruff or has skin irritations, CBD can promote a healthier coat and help manage minor skin conditions.
  • Boosts Joint Support: CBD reduces joint aches and discomfort, improving their mobility and keeping them comfortable.


Final Thoughts – Soft Cat Treats

It seems quite simple. You shake a bag of treats, and your cat comes running. You drop some on the floor, and your cat gobbles them up. But there are many things to consider when picking out which cat treats to give your kitty companion.

When choosing the right chewy treat for your cat, consider its flavor and texture, but also the treat’s ingredients and benefits. Healthy Petable’s CBD Calming Chews are not only delicious but natural and healthy. Your cat will love the salmon flavor, and you’ll love seeing your cat happy and comforted.