Catnip Spray with CBD - 1 Ounce Bottle

Catnip Spray with CBD - 1 Ounce Bottle


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  • Catnip Spray infused with 20mg Nano CBD (1 ounce)
  • CBD enhanced 5x by nanotechnology (20 x 5 = 100mg)
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • All-natural Ingredients
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Will not stain or discolor material
  • Spray directly on toys, scratching posts, etc.
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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There are few things more enticing to a cat than catnip. Its sweet scent and delicious taste will keep your cat occupied for hours. Now, you can give your kitty the ultimate treat with catnip spray! Simply apply the spray to any toy, scratching post, and even a playhouse or cat condo. The convenience of the spray and your cat’s consistent response to it makes it a good tool for training your cat too!

Cat’s love catnip for its calming effects, and we’ve maximized the benefits by adding CBD. When sprayed, your cat will come running. Below, we’ll go over all the reasons why your cat loves catnip, how CBD can benefit your cat, and why our CBD catnip spray at Healthy Petables is the best on the market.


  • Nepetalactone Essential Oil (Catnip Oil)
  • Nano CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Nano-enhanced Water


Product Specifications

Healthy Petables Catnip Spray is an infusion of essential catnip oil and nano-enhanced CBD. Once these two lovely compounds are mixed, your cat will be calm and at ease. Spray this pungent formula in your cat carrier for more enjoyable visits to the vet and more fun at home.


Catnip Spray with Nano CBD (20mg) Bottle Size: 30ml / 1 oz. | Appx. 360 sprays per bottle | 1 spray = 0.055mg CBD


What is Catnip Spray?

Catnip spray at Healthy Petables consists of catnip oil infused with our finest CBD, placed in a convenient spray bottle.

The herb in catnip stems from the plant Nepeta cataria, a relative of the mint plant. The essential oil that sparks delight in your cat in the catnip plant is Nepetalactone. This oil tickles and interacts with the neurons inside your kitty’s brain responsible for regulating hunger and emotions — two of the most important parts of any animal’s brain.

Catnip acts like an artificial pheromone, creating an ecstatic response that cat-owners are likely familiar with. Featuring sniffs, scratches, licks, and rolls around the carpet, your cat’s euphoric experiences could last up to 10 minutes.

Catnip spray sold here at Healthy Petables combines the essential oil extracted from catnip with purified water. It is essentially catnip in liquid form you can spray anywhere. We also utilize the incredible benefits of CBD, but we’ll take a closer look at this in a later section.

Catnip is typically found in the form of dry herb. You may have also seen or purchased cat toys that include dry catnip inside. While effective, dry catnip may be messy or not quite versatile. Because of this, catnip spray has been gaining widespread popularity in recent years.


What is Catnip Spray Used For?

Catnip spray provides delight to your cat. If your feline friend is privy to the scent and taste of catnip, owners often implement the spray as a way to calm and soothe their pet.

More so, some owners have used catnip spray to train their cats. How is this done? Catnip spray can direct your cat to stay in one area over the other. If they scratch up the couch, try laying a few sprays down on the scratching post. Pet owners have found their cats will opt for a catnip-covered scratcher over even the comfiest of couches.


Is CBD Catnip Spray the Best?

Definitely! Nowhere else can you combine all the things your cat loves about catnip with the enrichment of CBD. And all with little to no side effects! All (and we mean all) our CBD is lab tested by a third party for safety and efficiency to ensure that your pet receives a precise, potent dosage.

Similarly, our CBD catnip sprays contain all-natural, non-GMO organic & vegan ingredients. Our products do not contain any wheat, animal by-products, cornmeal, artificial flavors, or colors.


Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

Cat’s love catnip like mice love cheese or rabbits love carrots — they were just meant for each other. Catnip triggers the reward pathways in the brain, which regulates rewarding feelings like intense happiness.

However, some cats (roughly 30 percent of felines) have no response to catnip, showing only indifference to the otherwise intoxicating plant in other cats. Every cat is different, and reactions to catnip can vary.


How Does Catnip Spray Work?

Catnip triggers a chemical reaction in cat’s brains that results in a hyper reaction. This is why most people refer to cats’ behavior around catnip as a sort of “high,” even though it is not. Catnip makes some cats act weird, which can be pretty fun for the cat and the owner. Typically an emphatic response to catnip lasts roughly 10 minutes, though every cat has a unique relationship with the herb.


Is CBD Catnip Safe for Cats?

Absolutely! CBD catnip is incredibly well-tolerated and effective. It combines all the best parts of CBD with all the wonderfully enticing effects of catnip. It’s a win-win.

Through catnip spray, you can turn their love of catnip into an opportunity for full-bodied benefits. Getting your cat to enjoy taking its CBD oil can set them up for long-lasting relief and even longer-lasting fun. Below are some of the key benefits CBD will have on your cat.


Benefits of CBD For Cats

CBD can help virtually all mammals, and that includes your kitty! These are some of the top advantages of CBD for cats:

  • Eases skittish behavior
  • Calms discomfort
  • Reduces swelling
  • Overall wellness
  • Brings balance to the body’s functions (homeostasis)

It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before starting your cat on any new products. Ask your vet about CBD for cats!


Why Buy CBD From Healthy Petables?

It’s simple: Healthy Petables has affordable prices, organic products, and the highest quality CBD on the market. All our hemp products are sourced from the finest farms in Colorado — one of the best states for hemp cultivation.

Every part of buying and enjoying Healthy Petables’ CBD is a breeze. These are some of the policies we’re most proud of:


  • Backed by customer reviews
  • Fast delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Custom packaging
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Healthy Petables carries the most recommended and trusted CBD catnip spray. Before Healthy Petables became the CBD powerhouse it is today, we noticed a lack of high-quality CBD products for our beloved animal companions. So we eagerly created all-natural, top-tier products to fill that void.

Today, CBD has exploded in popularity with a myriad of similar items. As a growing company looking to dominate the CBD space, we have taken a few extra steps than some of our competitors with related products to make our products truly stand out as the best. Like your cat craves the sweet scent of potent catnip, we crave only the best ingredients for your pets.

All of our CBD is tested by a third party in a lab for safety and efficiency to ensure that your pet receives a precise dosage. The lab gives a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which details the cannabinoids and their levels inside the product. At Healthy Petables, we believe transparency builds trust, which is why we offer COAs for all our products.

We only use all-natural, non-GMO, organic, vegan ingredients in our CBD catnip sprays and all of our CBD products. Don’t worry about any unnecessary additives in our treats — we only include the best of the best. Healthy Petables is a brand you can turn to when you need consistent and quality products on time!


Final Thoughts – CBD Catnip Spray

Who would’ve thought CBD and catnip would be such a match made in heaven? If you’re looking to give your cat a fun and calming experience with all the added benefits of CBD included, CBD cat spray is a great option. Check out our CBD cat spray right here at Healthy Petables.

The world of cannabis is wide and growing every day, benefiting nearly every aspect of our lives. Every day people find ways to implement CBD into their routines. We’re constantly discovering new ways that CBD and hemp oil can help you and your pets!

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  1. George Esperanza

    My cat kept scratching my new couch. I tried regular catnip to lure him away, but it didn’t work. But this stuff did the trick and saved my couch! I now spray it twice a month on my cat’s bed and he spends the whole day there just chillin!

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