Healthy Petables CBD Dog Treats for Heart & Immune

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  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Compliments heart and immune system
  • Delicious blueberry and sweet potato
  • 100% organic and vegan friendly recipe
  • Non GMO, no gluten or dairy
  • No THC, so no “high” for your pet
  • 5mg of CBD per treat
  • 150mg of CBD in each package (30 treats)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Free Shipping
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Best CBD Oil Dog Treats For Heart Health, Immune System Boosting, and So Much More. Best Hemp CBD Brand For Dogs.

Our dog is a big piece of our heart, and for some of us our doggy best friend is the largest piece of our heart’s love and embrace. And, we, of course, are the largest part of our dog’s heart. Their unconditional love and devotion really dwarfs ours, as we all know from experience with our dogs.

CBD oil dog treats for heart and immune wellness are one of our most favored products, as helping to take care  of your dog’s heart health is our mission here at Healthy Petables. We have dogs too, and we want our dogs to live as long as possible. A dog’s heart condition is a major contributor to the longest life span possible.

Our CBD dog treats for heart health are formulated to help support the overall health and function of your dog’s heart at the cellular level. Every treat you give your dog from our product may positively contribute to heart performance and the longevity of your dog’s most vital muscle.

Immune system vital health and boosting – yes, our CBD dog treats are also powerfully supportive of your canine best buddy’s immune system. CBD oil for the dog immune system has been shown in performance studies to be effective in reducing inflammatory cytokines that contribute to autoimmune illnesses in canines (and humans). Of course, tens of thousands of dog pet parents have used CBD (and hemp as well) to help their dogs with immune system conditions, and vets are recommending it as a natural, organic means that may help your beloved dog. Buy our CBD dog treats now, and get them to your door fast.

These deliciously flavored dog treats are lovingly baked using blueberries, flax seeds, and sweet potatoes to aid in boosting your dog's immune system and cardiovascular function. Combined with other amazing ingredients like hemp seed powder and full spectrum CBD oil, our treats are 100% safe and natural while providing a nutritious compliment for aiding your dog's overall health.

Buy online the best CBD oil treats for dogs, and bookmark us so you can return to buy your packages as you need them. Your dog will love these treats and love you for them.

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1 review for Healthy Petables CBD Dog Treats for Heart & Immune

  1. John P.

    My dog is a rescue mix, with good energy, 7 years old. But she got what seemed like a continuing dog cold. I found Healthy Petables and tried the dog treats for immune boosting. Guess what? It worked. She’s frisky and her nose is normal.

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