CBD Pet Capsules for Dogs & Cats

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  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full spectrum hemp seed powder
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Will not get your pet ‘high’ (contains zero THC)
  • pre-measured CBD in each capsule
  • Plant-based capsule shell
  • 100% organic, non-GMO, no gluten or dairy
  • No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Available in: 150mg, 300mg or 600mg containers
  • Made in the U.S.A. / Free Shipping
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CBD From Hemp Dog or Cat Capsules For Aging, Muscle Spasms, Skin Irritations & More – Perfect Dose, Easy to Give.

These pre-measured CBD capsules for your dog and cat are made with the purest CBD and hemp seed powder, and use plant-based ingredients only. Combined with other amazing ingredients like full spectrum hemp seed powder, our treats are 100% safe and natural while providing a nutritious compliment for aiding your pet's overall health.

Best CBD hemp capsules for your dog or cat for aging issues, muscle spasms and skin irritations, and many other conditions of ill health your pet may experience. CBD for aging cats or dogs has been proven by studies as being very supportive in improved health, and restorative, yet is all natural and organic. And right now you can save 20% with our Happy Holidays Sale for Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever your holiday is with your pet.

Our dogs and cats, like us, need a pick-me-up tonic or a special supplement in their diet or a rewarding treat that is good for them in overall health. We humans take all kinds of supplements – from vitamins to herbs to Ayurveda to naturopathic, and many more types. And millions of people are consuming cannabis-derived CBD oil infused products every day. There are now sodas and other drinks coming out that have the health-boosting properties of CBD in them.

Our dogs and cats also benefit from specialty supplements, as established in performance studies, and by daily use of such supplements among millions of pet owners.

That’s why CBD hemp oil in the form of a capsule in the precise dosage for dogs or cats of distinct weight ranges is such a welcome product for us pet parents. Here at Healthy Petables, our team has given deep thought to creating a capsule form for CBD that is enjoyable for your pet, easy to give to your pet, convenient for you, and is ideal for when you’re traveling with your dog or cat. And, there’s no THC in our products, so there is no "high" for your pet.

If your dog or cat seems a bit off their usual energy level, and it looks like a supplement may help, then you should try our CBD Pet Capsules. The supportive element of CBD are cannabidiols – which forms the abbreviated initials of CBD. It is the cannabidiols that naturally interacts with your pet’s cells beneficially. This may bring the perkiness and spring-in-her-step, the bright eyes that you’re looking to see in your beloved pet.

Our CBD hemp dog or cat capsules may also help support relief or improvement in a wide range of ailments or dysfunctions that, unfortunately, come along in our pets. This includes: abnormal cell growth (tumors), joint and mobility, muscle spasms, stress and anxiety, digestive issues, aging and wellness, pain and inflammation, and skin irritations.

Buy now and be sure to bookmark Healthy Petables so you can easily return for your next bottle of capsules.

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150mg, 300mg, 600mg

2 reviews for CBD Pet Capsules for Dogs & Cats

  1. Sue

    I’ve tried a lot of natural supplements for my Irish Setter – eating less, loss of appetite. The healthy petables capsule with the CBD from hemp was amazing. Came to me fast. Worked fast. She’s eating like a horse. Thank you.

  2. James

    The capsules made a difference in my dog’s joints problems and pain within a day. I’m buying more today.

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