Healthy Petables CBD Dog Treats for Stress & Anxiety

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  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Reduces stress an anxiety levels
  • Incredible green apple and peanut butter flavor
  • 100% organic and vegan friendly
  • No THC, so no “high” for your pet
  • Non GMO, no gluten or dairy
  • 5mg of CBD in each treat
  • 150mg of CBD in each package (30 treats)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Free Shipping
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CBD Oil Hemp Dog Treats to Help With Seizures, Stress and Anxiety, Car or Crate Anxious Dogs, And More All Natural Support For Calming Your Dog.

CBD (hemp too) dog treats for stress, anxiety, seizures, car or crate anxious dog syndrome as made by us at Healthy Petables is the all natural, organic and very effective way to help your dog overcome these unfortunate conditions. A nervous dog is not a happy dog, and we as pet parents aren't happy when our dog is so anxious. We've put a lot of thought into our ingredients. What dog doesn’t love peanut butter and apples?  These super tasty treats also come loaded with L-theanine and chamomile to aid in reducing your pet’s anxiety. Combined with other amazing ingredients like hemp seed powder and full spectrum CBD oil, our treats are 100% safe and natural while providing a nutritious way to aid your dog’s anxiety and stress levels.

Our dog who is anxious or stressed worries us as care givers – we're thinking what can we do to help relax and calm them, and return them to their natural state of dog repose? Dogs are not naturally anxious, and they’re certainly not naturally stressed. They are usually pretty easy going, though there are exceptions in breeds that are more high strung. But that’s different from canine anxiety or undue and continuous stress conditions. Our CBD dog treats for car or crate anxiety are perfect to help with a dog who's trembling or barking or scrambling around in a car as you travel. That's no fun. So our CBD dog treats for stress may reduce the anxiousness your dog feels in getting into a car to go for their walk or play time.

CBD dog treats for seizures is among the most popular, compelling reasons pet owners come to us for their CBD and hemp dog products. Dog seizures are very worrisome, and many tens of thousands of pet owners have to confront this particularly worrying condition in their dog friend, and these pet parents are immediately searching for what can help their dog with seizures.

Our CBD dog treats for seizures, anxiety and stress are recommended by vets and pet caregivers who’ve had to deal with these kinds of situations, and have turned to these organic, great tasting dog treats that may bring relief to your dog. Our CBD treats are derived from highest quality, organic hemp and cannabis plants (but does not get your pet high) using the purest CO2 extraction process for the CBD compounds. Our crop is superior and our processing is designed to capture and retain the most effective qualities of the cannabidiols (what CBD is an abbreviation of) that are the vital improving health ingredient of our treats.

Along with hemp and CBD, our dog treats for stress include herbs known for many centuries as calming, relaxing and steadying for nerve systems. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce the amount and duration of seizures. And states that it is efficacious and effective. Many pet owners (including our customers) offer online testimonials as to how CBD has helped their dog with stress and seizures.

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1 review for Healthy Petables CBD Dog Treats for Stress & Anxiety

  1. Corey Masters

    starting giving these to my dog about a month ago and he loves them and seems to be a lot happier and more playful would recommend to anyone who loves there companion as much as I love shadow
    thanks guys

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