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7 Ways To Give CBD Oil To Your Cat

7 Ways to Give CBD Oil to Your Cat

CBD is a potent natural supplement to a wide range of ill health conditions in cats, according to many university studies and vet anecdotal use. CBD, a compound from the hemp plant, works directly with several key biological systems in cats. This includes the central and sympathetic nervous system and anti-inflammatory systems. With CBD becoming more popular day by day, The Question is “How to Give CBD to Your Cat?”

7 Ways to Give CBD Oil to Your Cat

Direct Feeding Your Cat

You can use a dropper to present CBD Oil to the mouth and nose of the cat. If he or she licks and likes it, that’s great, your cat can take the dose. If you don’t, use a method of calming your cat to make it comfortable. Pet your cat with one hand, relax. Take the correct dose dropper in the other hand. your petting hand and gently life your cats head by the jaw, and use the hand with the dropper to squirt the dose in at a controlled rate, if possible.

Add the CBD Oil to Cat’s Food

Measure out the dose in the dropper and spread it evenly on top of the food, then mix it up so the oil is fully blended into the food.

Adding CBD Oil to Cat’s Treats

For cats that favor treats, you can add the CBD oil dosage over a number of treats evenly, or break up the treats so there is more surface area for the CBD oil to stick to.

Give Cat Treats Already With CBD Oil

There are cat treats made with CBD oil as one of the ingredients (as we do at Healthy Petables) which are very popular among cats and their caregivers. This method is the most convenient. Our cat treats are salmon flavored, with no artificial ingredients at all, 2 mg of CBD oil, and cats love them.

CBD Oil in The Empty Feeding Dish

Put the CBD oil in your cat’s empty feeding dish where it is most comfortable feeding, and it may be tempted to lap up the oil in comfort.

Tuna, Tuna Juice or Fish Oil and CBD Oil

This may do the trick but use the mixing of CBD oil and tuna every other day, not every day. Mix a tablespoon of the tuna juice or fish oil with the CBD oil and present to your kitty.

Put CBD Oil on Paws

This is the last resort method as it can be messy and wasteful. Cats will lick clean CBD oil that is put on their paws. They take in the helpful CBD while grooming.


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