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Homemade Cat Food  [Recipes For Sensitive Stomachs]

Homemade Cat Food  [Recipes For Sensitive Stomachs]

Homemade Cat Food – Recipes For Sensitive Stomach. Worrying that your cat isn’t eating right is one of the most common causes of anxieties

Worrying that your cat isn’t eating right is one of the most common causes of anxieties in cat owners. If you find your cat is struggling to keep their food down or isn’t eating enough, it may be time to explore some other options. Transitioning to one of the best cat foods for sensitive stomachs can make a difference to both your cats and your happiness.


There may be several reasons why you want to feed homemade food to your cat, and a sensitive stomach might just be one of them. Some cats may show signs of a sensitive stomach such as vomiting or diarrhea. Refusing to eat or constipation are signs of a sensitive stomach too.


It is crucial to get a vet’s opinion before you jump to a new diet for your feline friend.


With digestive issues, a vet will assume it is the cat’s diet that is causing the problem and rightly so. However, the vet looks for a defect in the cat rather than the food. This is where the wild goose chase begins.

First and foremost, any cat being made to ingest an indistinguishable commercial food product when they are designed to assimilate nutrients from natural foods is bound to cause problems. Add to this the number of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, sugars, fats, and waste products ranging from dead animals to plastic as the central source of nutrition and a sensitive stomach becomes more than understandable.



Choosing the Right Ingredients

While choosing a diet, you look into the nutrients it’s going to provide for your cat. The chances of the food being nutrient deficient are high. Striking the right balance between vitamins and minerals is the key. Cats need protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and water in the right quantity. Carbohydrates in small amounts should also be included.


Some common ingredients for a sensitive stomach diet are egg protein, rice, oats, wheat, chicken, and turkey. These ingredients are magical as they help with the digestion process. They contain fibers which pass easily in the stomach and are easy to digest.


If the cat continues to show some discomfort after the new diet, it’s time to start eliminating ingredients one by one to see which component does not suit the cat’s stomach. Click here to find out more



Foods That Should Be Avoided 

Here are some foods which should not be fed to your cat, especially if he has a sensitive stomach.

  • Dog food– Feeding dog food to your cat is absolutely a bad idea as it contains insufficient protein and fatty acids and may lead to severe malnourishment.
  • Liver or tuna– Though the liver is considered healthy, too much of it can cause deformed bones and osteoporosis. Large quantities can also cause various poisonings or Vitamin A toxicity.

 Click here to find out more



How can a sensitive stomach cat food help?

Cat foods for sensitive stomachs have been carefully crafted to reduce the risks of adverse reactions and subsequent vomiting.


Because of the risk of stomach upset, they usually shy away from containing by-product meats as protein sources. By-product meats aren’t bad for your cat, but with cheaper foods and brands, the sources are sometimes questionable. Sticking with a well-known brand result in all-round better quality cat food that’s far less likely to cause aggravation to your cat’s digestive system.


Most of the best cat foods for sensitive eaters avoid corn and other grain-based ingredients. Although grains aren’t necessarily bad for your cat’s health, they aren’t a required part of their diet, and the inclusion of grains and carbohydrates in cat food can often lead to irritation.


Can CBD oil treat sensitive stomach in cats?

CBD may be linked to help Cats with digestive issues. It has been shown to help with the swelling of the stomach and stomach bloating.


They are known to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease as well, and any other forms of Allergies. Click here to find out more



Recipes for a Sensitive Stomach

Some homemade foods can be followed if your cat has a sensitive tummy. Here are some;


Homemade Chicken


  • Cooked Chicken which may be broiled or baked – 1 Cup
  • Mashed Steamed broccoli- 1/4 Cup
  • Mashed Steamed Carrots- 1/4 Cup
  • Chicken Broth


  1. Put several tablespoons of chicken broth along with all the ingredients in a food processor and puree them.
  2. Add more broth to make it smooth. Make sure it is not too soupy.
  3. Let it cool.
  4. Serve the food when it cools down to room temperature.


Homemade Beef


  • Ground beef- 1 Cup
  • Brown Rice (steamed) – 1/2 Cup
  • Minced alfalfa sprouts – 6 tablespoons
  • Curd cottage cheese- 3/4 Cup


  1. In a frying pan, brown and drain the beef. Let it cool.
  2. Mix all the mentioned ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Dinner is ready to serve.


Homemade Cat Treats

This is a recipe for homemade treats for your cat. Remember these are treats and cannot be substituted for real food.


  • Rice Flour- 2 Cups
  • Pureed turkey Meat or Organic baby food – 1/2 Cups  (Any hormone and antibiotic-free protein can be used according to your cat’s preference)
  • Pureed peas- 1/2 Cup (as an alternative you could also use unsweetened applesauce, spinach, or even pumpkin)


  1. Preheat oven (325 degrees)
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a mixer
  3. Knead on a floured surface
  4. Create fancy little shapes using cookie cutters
  5. Bake the treats for 20 minutes (325 degrees)
  6. Flip and bake for extra 40 minutes (175 degrees)
  7. Let the cookies cool and later store them in an airtight container

To find out more, click here


These are a few easy recipes for your cat, which are easy to cook and healthy. It is a quick healthy alternative. Make sure the new diet has all the sufficient nutrients and is healthy. It is also recommended that the change in the cat’s diet is very gradual. Try mixing the new diet with the original food and see how it works for your cat.

If you have concerns about your cat’s eating habits, you should always prioritize a trip to the vets. They’re the only people who can reliably guide you towards the root cause of the sensitivity. If you’re looking for some options for sensitive stomach cat food though, we’ve got you covered. a few of our top picks.

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