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Helping Your Dog Who Is Suffering From Pain

Helping Your Dog Who Is Suffering From Pain

Seeing our dog suffer from pain is as painful as seeing one of our children in pain. Worse, in fact. With our kid, we can speak to them and find out more about the pain, its degree of pain, its location and its source. For our dog, we have to logically deduce or infer where the pain is and what form it is and what degree it is – by watching the actions.

When your dog has cancer, the suffering can be more common, an all-body disease that is devastating. This can be limited to the joints for joint failure or arthritis. It may be stomach discomfort, skin pain , muscle pain, and several other conditions.

The Vet May Be Limited in Helping Your Dog

You may have taken your dog to the vet, carefully explaining to the doctor the observations you’ve made. Tests may be taken, meds may be prescribed, or advice given as to lifestyle or other adjustments.

These approaches may help a lot, or some, or not at all. And, as you know it could be expensive. The result could be you still have a much loved pet who is suffering and there doesn’t seem to be much you can do about it. That is situation no pet parent wants to be in.

Hemp-Derived CBD In University Studies For Pain Management

The entry of hemp-based CBD oil products for dogs into the pet marketplace a few years ago has radically changed what we can personally do for our canine buddies in pain.

Over the past four years CBD oil and treats made from this oil have been studied in universities and other pet health labs as to their pain relieving properties and efficacy. The study results point to pain relief for dogs, yet the actual mechanisms for how it works are not fully understood yet.

Many veterinarians are suggesting CBD products to pet owners to buy for their pet’s pain, or the vet offices sell it themselves. There is a groundswell of support among vets nationwide to advise CBD for pain management. Vets often counsel the use of CBD oil products for dogs in pain after they themselves have used it on their dog with beneficial results.

The Dog-Owning Public is More and More Turning to Hemp CBD Oil

As well, the dog-owning public has been embracing CBD oil for pain relief as knowledge of this all natural, nature’s pharmacy approach. There are tens of millions of dog owners in the U.S. and more and more of them are turning to the kind of CBD products that Healthy Petables crafts. And these users then write about it on site reviews, blogs, social media, and the word is spreading.

The Chemistry of CBD From Hemp On Your Dog’s Pain Sensing Systems

You may or may not have heard of CBD oil (from hemp, not cannabis marijuana) as a treatment for dogs with pain. And now may be the time to try it. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, the compound found within the hemp plant that works on several holistic systems in dogs (or cats, horses, humans) at the cellular and molecular level.

One of these biological/neurological systems is the one that senses and communicates low-level pain, either local or general. The CBD from hemp has zero THC in it, which is the psychotropic compound in marijuana cannabis. So, there is no “high” from our CBD products.

Vets who are familiar with using CBD for dog pain state that it is helpful for a variety of pain conditions – with the exception of very acute pain, though many dog owners state that it helps for acute pain as well. Vets also advise that you use a product that is already in the correct dosage for the dog – which is what we provide in our Healthy Petable products for dogs.


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