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CBD Oil And Your Dog’s Calm Center

CBD Oil and Your Dog’s Calm Center

It would be really great if all dogs were as calm as they are meant to be. Dogs in their normal, healthy condition should be relatively calm most of the time. They can exhibit their normal excited selves when visitors come calling, or if there’s an interesting smell or it’s time for a meal. And that’s all normal. Excitement is normal in a dog.

There’s a Norm for Excitement and an Ab-Norm for Reactive Behavior That Needs Addressing

But anxious whining or trembling or movement or aggression that we see dogs exhibit is not the norm for calmness in our pet canines. Dogs being overly scared, or too wound up when being left by themselves in the home, or being aggressive as a result of anxiety – all this is not what you as a dog care giver want to see.

Now, you can go to your vet and see what’s available in meds for your dog friend, and you probably have done that already. Or gone to the local pet store to see what’s there for calming down your dog’s nerves.

Now the pharmaceutical meds are manufactured drugs and most pet parents don’t want to give strong drugs to their dogs. There’s always an anxiety on our part that something may go wrong with these drugs. And there’s always the worrisome part of drugs being tested in labs on dogs – so to help dogs we’re using dogs to test the product. That’s not pleasant to contemplate or be a part of.

Leaving Meds and Embracing Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are the preferred approach. And CBD oil in the correct dosage for the size of your dog is 100% all natural. Every element of our HPetables products are all natural, in fact, are of the highest grade of all natural.

Anxiety in our dogs comes from many sources, just like it does for us. I get car sick on curvy roads, so I get a little anxious about being in cars that are heading on a road with twists and turns. That is a situational anxiety. I use all-natural wrist bands that put pressure on certain nerve spots and my car sickness is ameliorated.

Now my beagle, who is a rescue dog from a kill shelter in Ohio, has crate anxiety and car anxiety because he was put in a crate and car-driven from Ohio to California with other dogs (being rescued). That is behavioral anxiety.

CBD Oil For Dogs and Their Anxieties, Including Car and Crate, and Many Others

CBD oil as a tincture, capsule or in a treat, prepared for dog’s weight is, according to many pet parents, vets and article editors, the best remedy for all manner of anxiety. My beagle responded to it very well, and is calm as a cucumber in the crate in our car going for our daily walks and hikes.

The CBD derived from hemp interacts with certain receptors in your dog’s central and peripheral nerve system. And, in treats, such as our Healthy Petables treats, there are other natural herb compounds that are calming.