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CBD for Pets Near Me [Locating the Best Products for Dogs & Cats]

Googling “CBD for pets near me” works the same way you ended up here. Confused? Well, let me put it to you this way. If you end up Googling the above phrase, the chances are that you will end up with millions of results. We’re not kidding. Although, who really looks past the first page of Google? That’s where links go to die.

We’re kidding. Sort of. CBD has become so popular that you may have started to wonder if and where you can find CBD for Oliver and Buffy. This would work great for the 4th of July and is even beneficial to their overall well-being!


How to Find CBD for Pets Near Me Using Local Maps on Google

If you’re not sure about where to start and the thought of millions of results on Google intimidates you, then you can opt to open Google Maps and cut out the middleman! In this case, the middleman is Google, not us! Don’t close the tab just yet!

1. Open your browser and head to Google.

2. Click the Google Apps icon in the top right corner (it looks like a square made of dots).

3. In the top right “Search Google Maps” bar, and enter your address or current location.

4. Next, click the “Nearby” option under the Google image of your location.

5. Type what you are looking for in the search bar (in this case, keywords like “CBD for pets” or “CBD for dogs and cats” will do).

6. Hit enter or the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar to see your results.


Are There Risks to Buying Pet CBD from Local Merchants?

There are a few potential risks you should be aware of when purchasing from local merchants. You may have seen some CBD products stocked on the shelves of your local pet shop. For one, there may have only been a few select products compared to the plethora of brands and products you can find online.

With such limitations, the products stocked on the shelf may be more expensive than online retailers. While they might also be more expensive, purchasing in-store doesn’t allow you to learn much about the legitimacy of the brand or the ingredients used in said products.

The biggest risk when purchasing CBD from a local merchant is the potential risk of inconsistent standards. Browsing the shelves of your local pet store, you may notice an inconsistency between potency and maybe even notice labels that read, “hemp oil for dogs” right next to shelves labeled “CBD pet products.” While you may think that CBD and hemp are the same thing, you are mistaken! Often, pet owners confuse the two. Though both compounds are derived from the hemp plant, hemp oil comes from hemp seeds. In contrast, CBD comes from the stalk, leaves, and flower of the plant! They both serve the body in different ways.

dog hemp leaf


How To Find a CBD for Pets Online

If you live anywhere where CBD products may not be available to you, you can always use the world wide web! We mean the internet. If you are a pet owner and are researching CBD, you will find that the internet and reputable brands will provide you with so much information!

1. Whether you are using a Smartphone or a computer, go to your web browser and open Google. Google will typically display the best and most diverse results to choose from.

2. After opening Google, find the search bar and type in a phrase such as “CBD dog treats” or “CBD oil for pets.” Click enter, and Google will generate a list of countless websites displaying the results. Not all of the search results will lead to sites where you can purchase CBD for dogs. Some websites may be articles, blogs, and other websites containing information about CBD for pets.

3. To see what products you can purchase from Google, look below the search bar, where you will find a few clickable tabs. Find the tab that says “Shopping,” and it will take you to a page where you can browse through all the CBD products available for purchase.

4. From the “Shopping” tab, you can filter through different products by brand, price, and reviews.

5. When you find a product you are interested in, click on the product image, and it will direct you to their website, where you can purchase the CBD product.

6. Once on the website, add the product to your shopping cart and follow the check-out instructions.


What To Look For When Looking Buying CBD for Your Pet

One of the most important things to look for when buying CBD for your pet is quality! Quality assurance is probably the most important thing when it comes to CBD. Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal but not federally regulated. Unfortunately, this allows for the formulation of ineffective products that may be marketed as something they are not. These products can come in the form of dog treats and even topicals that may be good for your dog’s skin.

Here are a few other things to look out for when shopping for CBD for your furry friend!

  • Transparency: Trustworthy brands will display a third-party lab test that showcases the kind of hemp used, the ingredients used as well as whether they’re organic or not, and the product’s overall safety. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) should also be readily available on their site.
  • Ingredients: It’s always important to have access to a product’s full ingredient list. Remember, transparency is best! It gives a brand legitimacy and provides pet owners with the best information to make their choice.
  • Customer Reviews: The best part of purchasing something online is reading reviews from other people! Previous customers will sometimes go in-depth about their purchases, and at times, the reason they purchased may be similar to yours!


Pet CBD Ingredients To Avoid

Generally speaking, there are a ton of ingredients you should avoid giving your pet. If you search for food that your dog and cat cannot eat, you may find a laundry list of things that may be toxic to your animals!

Here are a few ingredients that may be harmful to your pet!

  • More than 0.3% THC (this can be illegal in some states)
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavorings
  • Vegetable oil
  • Artificial preservatives
  • MCT oil
  • Residual solvents
  • Synthetic cannabinoids

Dog CBD and cat CBD are relatively the same things. Often, you will see companies that manufacture CBD catnip spray, which obviously will only be effective for cats. But for all intents and purposes, CBD for pets is relatively all the same. The difference may stem from dosage and how big your animal is.

hemp plants dog


Quality Pet CBD Ingredients To Look For

Let’s be honest; sometimes, we feed our pets better food than we eat ourselves! They are a part of the family and cuter than your kid brother will ever be. Don’t tell your parents. Finding quality ingredients for your pet shouldn’t be complicated. The simpler the ingredients in a product, the best it is for you or your pets!

Here are a few you should look out for when purchasing any CBD.

  • Human food-grade ingredients
  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • Pure CBD extract from all-natural, American grown hemp

As mentioned earlier, any reputable, trusted brand will provide COAs and third-party lab testing to prove their quality.


USA Grown Hemp CBD Vs. Imported Hemp CBD

The difference between USA-grown hemp and imported hemp is obvious; they come from different places. But it’s how they’re grown and the regulations that come along with the hemp that makes the most difference.

Here are a few key differences!

2018 Farm Bill Compliant

USA-grown hemp is more than likely to be 2018 Farm Bill compliant compared to any other hemp grown in the world. Hemp has been grown legally in the US, but it does not mean it can just be grown like any other plant. The 2018 Farm Bill ensures that the hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC and is organically grown. This means being free from pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Even though the law requires that imported hemp be 2018 Farm Bill compliant, there are no standards or regulatory frameworks to ensure this. This can mean that substandard products from other countries may reach the US market.

Heavy Metals and Insecticides

Hemp plants have highly absorbent stalks. Apart from soaking up nutrients, these plants also soak up everything else around them. This can include heavy metals! US hemp farms have to maintain prime growing conditions to ensure that the plants do not come in contact with these harmful compounds. Different countries have different regulations. Some lack stringent measures to prevent these metals and insecticides.


Final Thoughts – CBD for Pets Near Me

With the millions of options available to you, it may be overwhelming to search the internet for something appropriate for your pet! After all, you want to provide them with the best possible type of care possible. This guide is available to you for that exact reason! To guide you! You have many options, but we’ll help you narrow some of them down.