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Cats And CBD Products That Aid Health

Cats and CBD Products That Aid Health

Yes, cats can be finicky, opinionated and like to go their own way despite our most tempting entreaties. The cats we see on cat food commercials don’t really seem like real cats because their behavior is a little too perfect, a little too responsive for a cat in a real home environment.

Nevertheless, that standoffishness is part of what makes our cats adorable and lovable, and great catalysts for conversations with ourselves or others or them. Talking to cats like they’re a fellow human is always rewarding and can be the best therapy help for us.

Now, cats are not supercats. They do get sick, ill, not feeling too good, in pain, or not their normal yoga-limber selves.

The Growing Popularity of CBD Oil Products For Cats – Vets and Owners

CBD oil and hemp products have become over recent years an extremely popular approach to naturally heal or help your kitty. Veterinarians are among those on the very front lines of feline health care who are familiar with CBD for cats and advocate its use among their patients’ care givers. And, of course, vets fall into groups: those who can and do recommend CBD hemp oil products and those who don’t for whatever reasons they have. There are many vets online who support CBD for cats for a variety of illnesses and dysfunctions.

Highest Quality Hemp From Colorado Yields the Highest Quality CBD

These vets have thousands of good-news stories on how hemp-derived CBD (cannabadiol compounds) have improved cat poor health conditions or even eradicated them. CBD derived from hemp is legal in all fifty states, and this translates into a nationwide use of CBD. All of the products we craft at Healthy Petables are made from the highest grade of hemp grown in the high plains of Colorado.

None of our products contain any THC, the “high” compound of cannabis. There is 0 THC in our products. Vets do not want you giving THC to your cat in some form, which some people do. This is definitely not helping your cat.

CBD Helping Cats With Many Common or More Serious Conditions

CBD hemp oil products have been shown to help cats for:

  1. arthritis
  2. pain
  3. joint problems
  4. pancreatitis
  5. inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  6. cancer
  7. asthma
  8. seizures
  9. anxiety
  10. stress
  11. and many other conditions.

Of course, you need to monitor how your kitty is responding to CBD, as you would with any medicine or new feed you’re giving them.