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Our Story

Here at Healthy Petables, our mission is to bring pet parents the best formulated and crafted hemp-derived CBD Oil and Products for the pets you love and want as healthy as possible. As we ourselves are pet care givers, we are truly dedicated to your pet’s health and wellness. We are motivated every day to bring a new natural approach to pet health as an alternative to the modern medicine era we live in. Thus, we’ve assembled a world-class team dedicated to healthy product formulating, manufacturing and bringing great health-giving products to your door.

Importantly, our line provides health and longevity to your loved one without using modern meds and off the shelf products. We’re bringing your pet’s health care back to a natural approach that uses Cannabinoids from hemp that travel deep into the cells of your pet, healing them internally and naturally. Our products are extremely efficacious and effective in helping your pet with arthritis, cancer, tumors, skin problems, seizures, allergies, digestive problems, nausea, anxiety and phobias, and other conditions. Our customers tell us that their administering of our hemp-derived CBD treats and oils to their pets dramatically helped improve their illness condition, boosted their immune system, increased appetite, and increased the longevity and life-joy of their furry loved one.

We strive to educate the public and our customers on how this product can improve your pet’s well being using cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. That’s why we regularly publish new research, tips, and ideas on how hemp CBD can help your beloved cat or dog.

We were founded in 2019 by a health-conscious group of individuals with over 15 years of experience in the organic food industry. We partnered up with several hemp/CBD farms in Colorado, bringing to our customers the purest quality available. When we saw the results of hemp-based CBD on animals with reoccurring chronic illnesses we knew that we had to make this product line available to the public. For California we observed there was a lack of CBD-from-hemp treats and oils, and we then committed to launching HealthyPetables.

We bring you 6 unique, organic, plant infused products to “HealThyPet”. All of our products are 100% non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan-organic ingredients. We use wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.

We are so confident that this is the solution to your pet that we offer you a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on all of our products.


The Love of Pets and Wanting to Help

Our dogs and cats are much loved members of our family, and we are their pet parents. As pet parents, we are responsible for our pet’s well being, overall health and taking care of them when they have medical challenges. CBD hemp oil products formulated (and dosaged) for your pets are now being used by millions of pet caregivers in the U.S., and many veterinarians are recommending their usage as a supplemental health support for dogs and cats for specific ailments our pets may suffer from during their lives. Note: our products contain no THC, so there is no “high” effect on your dog or cat.

As pet parents, we always want the best for our dogs or cats. The best food, treats, sleeping bed, sunning area, brushes, toys, walking and running area, playmates, fulfillment of their pet job, and all the other expressions of our pet’s interests and life. So, the best in CBD hemp oil pet products means that the treats or oil supplements we buy for our pets are: pure, organic, potent, naturally processed, have no fillers, no chemical preservatives, and no ingredients that just stand out as not belonging in a natural product that our dogs or cats are going to eat or ingest.

Improved overall health and well being in our pets is something we’re on the lookout for in products. And there are certainly thousands of products to help our pets with their health. However, none reach the level of how a CBD and hemp oil (or powder)  treat product or oil infusion may bring relief and improvement to your dog or cat.

Buy your CBD oil and hemp products for your pets online with us, and be sure to bookmark our site for your next Healthy Petables purchase.