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Von Ruelmann Rottweilers’ Joe Bolognesi Talking About Healthy Petables

Looking for some practical advice from a very experienced, successful and popular dog breeder on how he keeps his famous Rottweilers in peak shape and health?

Please enjoy the video on the right of Joe Bolognesi of Von Ruelmann Rottweilers talking about using our Healthy Petables CDB and Hemp oil products in his daily feeding regimen for his puppies and dogs.

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Satisfied Customers

We take tremendous pride in how our products are able to help pets from coast to coast. Take a look at some of our favorite customer quotes.

My frenchy had very dry skin from allergies…I tried different medicines and none of them seemed to work…That’s when I discovered your product…She is a completely different dog now…CBD definitely helped.

Jamie Trostle

Riverside, CA

Your product has completely stopped my cat’s seizures…He was having them almost once a day…Your product solved this problem that I thought the worst for my companion.
Ana T.

Austin , Texas

Scooter got hit by a car last year and had to have multiple surgeries…he has seemed very achy, and his mobility has declined…We have been buying the 5mg dog treats for the last month and we see a huge difference on Scooter’s mobility.

Bradley S.

Denver, Colorado

Cannabinoid Benefits

Abnormal Cell Growth

Joint & Mobility

Muscle Spasms

Stress & Anxiety

Digestive Issues

Aging & Wellness

Pain & Inflammation

Skin Irritations

Organically Cultivated.
Locally Sourced.

With so many different CBD brands now available to choose from, the risk of being fooled into low quality, non-therapeutic, products increases.  It’s important that consumers do their homework to ensure that they’re getting the highest caliber product available. Our Hemp CBD oil products for pets are the best quality, guaranteed, and help with pain, anxiety, joint conditions and so many other conditions. Pets needing health help – order now for the most efficacious natural, alternative help for illnesses and debilitating conditions. 

At HealthyPetables.com, we pride ourselves in being completely transparent and honest with our incredible customer base. Certificates of Analysis for each of our products are always easily accessible. Our customer service team is fast to respond to all questions seven days a week. As always, all of our products are crafted using premium Colorado hemp and hand inspected before shipping. We also offer an iron clad “no questions asked” 30 day money-back guarantee.

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